The Grobb House

Vintage post and beam home from Tradition Design Inc.

The “Grobb” Post & Beam House

Circa 1810 — …our best timber frame ever! …great history.

A passionate restoration enthusiast offers the earliest period building to be acquired in his 45 year career as a self-taught expert in Early Canadian architecture. Since the 1960s Mel Shakespeare of Tradition Home Designs Inc. has designed and overseen the restoration of over 60 significant period buildings that have been relocated across North America as family dwellings, farm buildings and museums.

This incredible structure, built by the family Grobb who immigrated to Canada from Pennsylvania in the year 1800, is believed to be among the oldest homes in Ontario, having been erected in the first few years of the nineteenth century near Beamsville in Canada’s famous wine country. After having been disassembled, with each piece carefully cataloged and numbered, it is now offered for reconstruction on your site. Our expert period home artisans are available now, allowing this wonderful vintage home to live again.

During the early nineteenth century the Grobb family were known for their cabinet-making skills so it is no wonder the house frame shows their custom craftsmanship. The fact that it was built in the age-old tradition of hand-hewn oak, exemplified in earlier centuries in Europe, puts it in a category that is exceptional in Ontario. The wide pine boards that divided the rooms have been restored to their original color while the floors still have that great patina that cannot be duplicated without age.

Once brought back to life again, this 200 year-old house should last at least as long again. It could become the crown jewel on your property with the distinction that has always lent a particular charm to visitors inquisitive of their past.

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NOTE: Some of the images on this page are artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed.

Vintage timber frame home from Tradition Home

Above and Below: An amazing timber frame, solid post & beam construction!

Post & Beam House from Tradition Home Designs
Post & Beam House from Tradition Home Designs