Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

“One-Of-A-Kind” Log House

Circa 1850

TOO LATE! This one is SOLD!

A superb 2-storey log house with magnificent logs that are straight and closely aligned meaning the use of chinking between the logs is minimal, just look at the photos! We rarely see an early log home as well-built and complete as this one! The building features a matching, integral log “tail” addition to the rear—a very rare and exceptional feature we’ve never seen before! Act fast as this one won’t be available for long!

More photos are available. Contact us for these and more information on this house! Or call: 905-786-2619

NOTE: Some of the images on this page may be artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed.

Vintage log house plans.
Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

Above and Left: This house features huge logs and some of the narrowest chinking we’ve ever seen!
Below: Views from inside showing interior log wall partition.
Bottom: This log house also has a log tail!

Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs
Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs