Pinehurst House

Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

“Pinehurst” Log House

Circa 1830

We’ve only had about 3 2-storey log houses in our years in business and this one is one of the best ever. Some of the biggest logs that we’ve found in a log house while having consistently neat chinking. We know this one will be a real looker! It comes with its interior including wide pine flooring, window jambs, trim, doors, period hardware etc. At 32′ x 22′ it will provide 1400 square feet of family dwelling allowing for at least 3 bedrooms on a spacious second floor. Open-hearth fireplaces at the gable ends indicates an early date for this house. Let us help you site this house on your country property. Architectural services provided.

More photos are available. Contact us for these and more information on this house! Or call: 905-786-2619

NOTE: Some of the images on this page may be artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed.

Vintage log house plans.
Vintage log house.
Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

Above and Left: This house features huge logs. This is the back.
Below: Views from inside showing openings and 2nd floor hand hewn joists.
Bottom: A typical Tradition Window that would compliment this house (optional).
Lower Left: Elevation shows how this house could look as rebuilt with a wing added.
Bottom Left: Another view of the log walls before disassembly.

Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs
Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs
Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs