Stoney Creek

Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

“Stoney Creek” Log House

Circa 1840

TOO LATE! This one is SOLD!

A great little log house from Stoney Creek Ontario. Size is 25′ x 19′. Notice the large hand-hewn logs so nicely spaced. Room enough for two bedrooms and a large country kitchen. Great for a starter family or a cottage cabin in the woods somewhere. 950 square ft. of early Canadian charm.

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NOTE: Some of the images on this page are artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed.

Vintage log house plans.
Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

Above: Shot from inside. House is cleaned, repaired and stacked for display.
Below: Outside corner and end showing original fireplace cutout.

Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs

Below: Another interior view.
At Left: Front view showing openings for door and windows including upstairs gable window.


Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs