About Mel Shakespeare and Tradition Home

Since 1969 Mel Shakespeare has been designing award-winning homes in the tradition of early 19th century Ontario. The company name Tradition Homes is now synonymous with period homes of distinction.

One of his stone homes, built from scratch in 1980 even fooled a local society who appeared on site, insisting it become a local designated home of 1840. Mel understands the sensitivity and respect our forefathers had for the materials at hand and their careful management in creating pleasing spaces. His careful study of the early homes he and his crew dismantled and saved for clients of like mind was a fair schooling ground for his developing craft. Of course Mel’s background in art that led him to become an Art Director in well-known advertising agencies may have helped too. But his free time was usually taken in outdoor excursions to early buildings that he liked to sketch. Needless to say, the switch to architectural drafting came easily.

There were occasions when architects gathered around to admire his hand-drawn elevations. Yes, self-taught, but it seemed to work for him and his clients who insisted on the beautiful clean lines of real heritage homes.


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Mel Shakespeare, Tradition Homes