Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

Beaver Lake House “The Swansong”

Everybody that loves log houses, loves those with the big logs best. Unfortunately, they don’t show up much anymore. The few we’ve found (about 4) in our 57 years restoring log houses sell now on typical country lots for upwards of 2M. Yes, that’s a million.

I’m about to retire, due to the disappearance of pioneer buildings of integrity that are worth the care and the expense. But I can’t…because I’ve found one, the kind we dream about. So here we go again, maybe for the last time. It’s going to be about 2,500 to 3,000 sq. ft. unless you need more space.

If you join in on the design, we can develop some great rooms, with that ambiance you can only get with a big timber log house. Here’s a picture of one of ours from years past that we can do again. Maybe it’ll be our swansong. We may, in fact, call it that, “THE SWANSONG”.

Dictionary: swansong “A farewell appearance or final act or pronouncement”

NOTE: Some of the images on this page are artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed.

The photo below, of a similar house pairing, shows how this house might look when rebuilt.

Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home
Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

The photos above are of the house in its original location.