Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

“The Gambrel Log Home”  SOLD

This one’s unique!

The gambrel is one of my favorite architectural styles. I built one for myself in the eighties (see inset photo) and miss the comfortable, roomy feeling in the upstairs bedrooms. The juncture of the two roof pitches provides the perfect place for peaked or shed dormers to light the rooms. Structural trusses are economical and quick to assemble, often on the same day they are delivered. If more space is needed shed additions look well against them too.A charming option would be to continue the curve of the lower roof pitch to either extend its width or create a porch along the length of the building. So if you’re looking for something a little different in a period log building, this one may be for you. Call anytime to discuss the possibilities to be ready for next year.

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Above: Another view of the disassembly process and a typical upstairs bedroom in a similar gambrel-roofed house. A possible entrance treatment on the right.

The photos above and below were taken during the disassembly of the house. Drawing at left is the architect’s elevation of this house as it could look when reconstructed.