Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

The “Little Lodge” Log House
25′ x 18′

Circa 1850

Here’s a cute log house 25’ x 18’ but being a story and a half it’s big enough to house a small family. If you need more space we can offer a single-story log addition to it that’s 23’ x 27’. It comes with an original set of roof rafters, pine flooring, and optional Tradition Windows in the classic 6 over 6 panes and 12 over 8 panes with storms for that truly classic look of our early era. Best follow up on this one quickly because this is the desired size for first-family homes in the country.

Call anytime to get in on the planning so you’re ready for an early build next spring.

More photos are available. Contact us for these and more information on this house! Or call: 905-786-2619

See our Facebook page for a video of the great “joist logs” being craned into position.

Above: Showing the actual logs of the end wall where a stone or brick fireplace will be built.

Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

Above: Sketches of the house as envisioned with an optional front porch.
Left and
Below: The actual logs stacked for cleaning on our restoration lot.