Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

Above shows what this house might look like when reconstructed and faced with cedar shakes.

The Miller’s House

A really unusual find! A house built of 4″ thick, milled logs — and it’s in almost perfect condition! And what’s more, this house comes with a history:
 “Patrick and Elizabeth Corbett emigrated from Ireland in 1818 and settled in Golbourn Township, now Nepean, Ontario. In 1842, John purchased 100 acres in McGillvary Township (now Middlesex).
When John’s oldest son married in 1874, he took over the family farm and purchased a sawmill at New York (later named Corbett) and moved there.
John built this house shortly afterward with logs cut from the site and milled into 4″ thick slabs at his sawmill. The logs were laid horizontally and held in place by 8-inch wooded dowels with the corners dovetailed as in log construction.
The house stood on that site until 1958 when it was carefully dismantled and moved to its recent location.”
It is about to be dismantled again and will be ready to rebuild on your site! Call us for more details!
Our popular maintenance-free thermopane Tradition Windows with 12 over 12 panes lend the authenticity this great house demands.
NOTE: Some of the images on this page may be artist renderings of the house as rebuilt and completed or photos of a similar house.

NOTE: Photos show planks before cleaning and restoration.