Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

“The Samaritan” Log House 24′ x 28′

Circa 1850

This one’s SOLD!

The “Samaritan” may be just what’s needed to carry you out of the doldrums of city living. We’ve had a run on our log cabins this year. It seems everyone wants to live in the country in their snug, cozy log house and leave their worries and fears behind.  If this one hadn’t just turned up we’d of said…”Sorry, they’re all gone.”
   This is the classic Canadian wilderness Georgian, a lovely story and a half for 1340 sq. ft. of country charm. It obviously had sidelights and a transom over the front door (which we’ll gladly reproduce). Notice the window openings, almost six ft. in height, taking our classic 12 over 12 Tradition windows. There’s a nice set of hand-hewn ceiling joists too to carry the 2nd floor for 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.
    Let’s get together and design the interior together and perhaps even an addition for more space if you need it.
 Contact us for more information on this house! Or call: 905-786-2619
Vintage log Homes from Tradition Home

Above: House during disassembly at the original site. Note the well-formed dovetail corners.
Below: During disassembly, note the beamed ceiling.
Lower Left: A drawing of how the re-erected log house can look.

Vintage Log House from Tradition Home Designs