Vintage pioneer log homes from Tradition Design Inc.

A Fabulous Two-Story Ontario Classic!
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A Scarce Style With 2 Full Floors Circa 1850

Get ready folks for a special log house! This is a big one and rare as can be, being a full two-story that measures 30 ft x 28 ft. before additions, if you need more space than that. It’s not only big but bright inside too, having lots of windows. You could call it a four-bay “Wilderness Georgian” with a huge attic too. We’ve never seen such impressive hand-hewn ceiling joists that carry the upper floors. Join in on the planning for the interior. There are lots of options when you have this much space to work with. This is a true Ontario classic that is being preserved for you. Don’t miss it! We’ve only got one photo so far so more to come with full details! If you’re anxious to find out more, call us now!

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Click the photos below to enlarge.

The diagram at the left shows how the front logs are numbered for re-assembly.
Above is an artist’s rendering of the front elevation.

The photos below show the attic space and the underside of the original roof, and the wide pine flooring.

The photo at left shows an end view of the house before disassembly, (updated windows added).
The photos below, show a similar house, and a possible chimney and front entrance treatments.