I am Retiring After 60 Years!

Over the years, I have located and revitalized over 100 vintage, hand-hewn, log buildings, as well as many other post & beam and solid stone buildings from all over Ontario. Rebuilt in new locations, these buildings, once derelict, are now beautiful homes and the pride of their owners. Now you can have the opportunity to own a special, historic home of your own—on a site of your choosing. The buildings below are from my final inventory and are ready to deliver to your property for your craftsmen to re-erect—and at these prices, they won’t be available long!

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The “Forester” Log House

One of the best log houses we’ve found in a while.
…a show-off if we’ve ever seen one.

It’s a tall story and a half, allowing for three roomy bedrooms and a bath upstairs. Another 275 sq ft can be added by turning this one into a saltbox, providing a spacious 10 x 27 kitchen.


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“Big Timber Log Home”

Here’s a spectacular log house from Pine Valley near, just north of Toronto.

At 28’ x 24’ it sports some of the largest logs we’ve ever found in a log house.

We think it’s related to the Dalzeil log buildings that have shown incredible craftsmanship. One or two others have dated close to the turn of the 19th century.


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“A Hand-Hewn Post and Beam Frame” 30′ x 26′

Circa 1850

A country classic from Cherry Valley in the county.  We seldom find these, especially in such great condition. The size at 30 x 26  (1500 sq. ft.) suggests a three-bedroom upstairs with the option of adding another 300 or 400 feet.