My bride and I were on the way to Hawaii on our honeymoon, comfortably (well, not quite comfortably, I was 6’ 4” then and legroom was in short supply) ensconced in our seats. I couldn’t help but notice the guy beside me was reading one of those articles from a magazine inserted in the pocket on the back of the seat in front. I thought I recognized some of the pictures as I glanced over. I forget now who it was that started the conversation. I think it was him, as he noticed me being nosy. He may have said, “Look at this,” to share his excitement. It was a lengthy article about a log house built by a guy with a famous name. Not because he was famous but the name was. I had to ask, “So you like that style?” He sure did, going on and on how he’d love to live in one like that. I thought it might be a good time to introduce myself. “Hi then. I’m Mel Shakespeare.” It took him a second or two as he put it together. When it dawned on him he asked, “Not this Shakespeare?” Boy, was that a surprise to him. Well, a long conversation ensued, even coming to the point of discussing a project after our trips. We were even going back home two weeks later on the same flight.

Yes, we finished his log house a couple of years later. I believe it fulfilled his expectations. It was not the first time I found our homes unexpectedly on magazine racks.