Built Like a Fortress

Our early history suggests the reasonable assumption that log homes were built for the protection of farmers, woodcutters, fishermen and others whose temporary huts offered scant security against Indian raids, not to mention our sometime ruthless weather. This is borne out by the character of the buildings, whose exterior walls are of square-hewn logs [...]

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Your Own Mini Country Estate

What would it have ...you might ask? Well there’s one available right now that may answer that question for you. Here’s a list of the features we would expect a “Mini Country Estate” to have. It should come off a good well-maintained road for easy access to schools, shopping, health clinic, etc. Probably in that [...]

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Why Tradition?

After much deliberation, I couldn’t think of a better name for my log building company than Tradition. It seemed to exemplify everything I came to appreciate regarding the ongoing work of artisans that respectfully endeavor to preserve and maintain it. The earliest houses were an example of the direct outgrowth of architecture from function [...]

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About Art

If I were to consider the greatest gift of my youth, it may not have been the English sheepdog I met when I was adopted at the age of four or that tricycle when I was five. Now that I think back from my current perspective that has spanned about seven more decades I’d say [...]

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