Our early history suggests the reasonable assumption that log homes were built for the protection of farmers, woodcutters, fishermen and others whose temporary huts offered scant security against Indian raids, not to mention our sometime ruthless weather. This is borne out by the character of the buildings, whose exterior walls are of square-hewn logs of hard pine, ash or elm, usually seven or eight inches thick and strongly dovetailed at the corners. The log construction shows such careful workmanship that the spaces between the logs are often no more than an inch or two apart. In the larger of these houses the second floor ceiling might be constructed in the seventeenth century manner with a ‘summer beam’ supporting the floor joists.

Communities were often poor and remote. These log houses and many of later date which still remain possess little elaboration either of plan or architectural detail but have a character by which they achieve a great measure od spaciousness and dignity. Built altogether of wood by men who learned its qualities in building ships as well as houses, they show throughout a right use of the material.

A common history, not overly dramatized, is somewhat representative of lives lived in a new land by courageous, hard-working families who use the material at hand for shelter and protection from natural elements, some of which lived on the land before them. The incredible amount of effort it took to erect four relatively impenetrable walls to create such a fortress-like structure was testament to their ingenuity and dedication to the safety of their community. The logs themselves tell their own long story in the countless rings that have witnessed every generation to settle the land since it first became a dream worth chasing.

If you are looking for a home or an addition to your home and hoping for incredible character, the likes of which we have supplied to families for five decades in the business, then perhaps this is a good choice for you. Why not live in an original log home with real history in its walls?

It will speak to your soul of real memories, of true craftsmanship and the spirit of those who built it. We are prepared to help you with historical architectural design to blueprint stage as well as fitting up each house with period pine floors, hand-hewn ceiling beams, period doors and hardware. And our state-of-the-art Tradition Windows keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We also offer period Canadiana furnishings to complete the ambiance.